Worshiping outdoors in the church courtyard, Sunday, August 9th, @ 6:30pm

Our one English-language service this week is at 6:30pm (Spanish is at 7:30am), outdoors in the courtyard, in the shade. It’s a full service, with singing and the Lord’s Supper. Chairs will be set up at appropriate distance in the courtyard proper, but if you like, bring along beach or other chairs and set up and sit in the grassy area in between the office and nursery buildings- there’s room there, with a good sightline. Also, if you prefer to participate from the car, you may “drive-up,” park with a direct view of the pulpit area, and tune to 88.3 FM. The water fountain, the kitchen, and the main part of the Fellowship Hall are all closed, but all the bathrooms will be open.
This service is obviously “outside our homes,” so please wear a face-covering. See https://covid19.ca.gov/masks-and-ppe/ for exceptions and more information. We do have disposable face-coverings available at church. We sincerely appreciate everyone following our requirement- so that everyone who attends our services can be confident all non-exempt others will also be wearing face-coverings.
We are trying, at least for now, to err on the side of full and humble compliance, even with somewhat unclear and shifting orders.  See what our elders and pastors previously posted here, in which we commend obeying God by obeying rulers he has appointed: https://www.ontariourc.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Consistory-update-23-May-2020-final.pdf
It is a magnificent privilege to come together to worship the Lord, and to encourage each other in him! Even in such circumstances! Or maybe especially in such circumstances!
For those who may be more vulnerable to COVID-19’s serious effects, and for those who feel ill, we ask you not to attend the live service. We plan to livestream the service on our Facebook page, and post recordings of the service on our YouTube page. The Wednesday Bible study remains online.