Continuing indoor worship, Sunday, July 5th, 10:00am [FACE-COVERINGS NOW REQUIRED]

We continue to gather at 10:00am Sunday mornings as we have returned to indoor worship. In view of the most recently issued state guidelines, we are now requiring everyone who attends worship to wear face-coverings for the entire time we are indoors, including during singing. We do have disposable face-coverings available at church. For those who may be more vulnerable to COVID-19’s serious effects, and for those who feel ill, we ask you not to attend the live service indoors. For those, and also for those yet uncomfortable returning to indoor worship, we plan to livestream the service on Facebook page, and post recordings of the service on our YouTube page. Also, you may continue to “drive-up” and participate in the service from the parking lot through transmission on 88.3 FM. Until further notice, the evening service remains suspended and the Wednesday Bible study remains online.

As for our face-covering policy, we sincerely appreciate everyone following our requirement- so that everyone who attends our services can be confident all others will also be wearing face-coverings. Face coverings may only be temporarily removed for the very brief acts during the Lord’s Supper of putting the bread in our mouths and drinking the wine. The only exception is, if someone is “exempt” under the state’s policy linked here, only then are they free to attend without a face covering:

Our face-covering requirement is based on principles previously published by our elders and pastors here, in which we commend obeying God by obeying rulers he has appointed: