Dear church family,

Desiring to love and to promote the health of our church family, friends, and community, and obeying the directives of our county, state, and national leaders, the elders and pastors of Ontario United Reformed Church and the El Mesías Spanish-language ministry are suspending public worship services for three weeks, through Sunday, April 5th. After April 5th, we will take up the question of whether and when to resume services. We have yet officially to miss a full Sunday, and already we long to see you again in the sacred assembly — to shake your hand, to hug you, and to praise the Lord together.

As always, but especially in this extraordinary time, if you need help securing food, shelter or clothing, or if you need emotional support, please reach out to us. Our hearts and lives are open to you. And as the Lord may enable you, after securing your own needs and the needs of your family, please consider checking in on others in the church family directly. Your voice in calls, words in texts, your face on FaceTime, these are ways the Lord Jesus cares for your brothers and sisters. Let’s look out for one another.

In this solemn season, persevere in prayer for those who are sick, stressed and anxious, and vulnerable, not only due to COVID-19 sickness, but due to all manner of human suffering. Pray for the homeless population, and the elderly. Pray for all those who need Christ, that they would turn away from idols to the One who is the only true and lasting comfort. Pray for our own growth in godliness through trial and uncertainty. Pray for our rulers, for wisdom and discretion. Pray for our healers, the doctors and researchers, for success. Pray for those with financial strain, uncertainty, and interruption. Pray for those who are struggling spiritually. May God have mercy on us and stifle this virus.

We encourage you to engage in private worship in your home on Sundays. Each week on Saturday we will send out recommendations for how you may do this, including things like a video message from Pastor Kaloostian or Pastor Taylor Kern, a Spanish-language podcast episode from Pastor Kern, specific prayer matters, and songs that may be sung with links to the tunes. We also encourage you to watch for other messages we have begun to send out during the week. Please listen to them, please view them. And consider if you have any personal contacts who do not have a church family of their own, if you could encourage them by sharing these messages.

Do not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor COVID-19 that stalks in darkness. Jesus held fast to his Father in love, and so God rescued him from death and honored him. What an incomprehensible privilege we have to be clothed in the obedience of Christ, and forgiven of all our sins, so that whether we live or die, we will be rescued and honored like our Savior. You are protected today and forever in the shadow of the Almighty. You cannot be separated from his love.

With love, in Christ,
The Ontario URC Consistory


Ontario United Reformed Church has been in our community for over 80 years. Our goal is to live whole-heartedly for our faithful Savior Jesus Christ. The Holy Scriptures direct our preaching, teaching, worship, and church life. We welcome all visitors and hope you will join us soon!

Sunday Worship

Public worship services have been suspended through Sunday, April 5th. After April 5th, we will take up the question of whether and when to resume services.

We worship on Sundays at 10:00 AM in English (in the main auditorium). Our second worship service in English (our “catechism” service, different from the first service) is on Sundays at 5:30 PM. We worship in the Spanish language at 10:00 AM (in the Fellowship Hall).

Nursery care is provided in the east building during all services. Bible and discussion classes for all ages are offered on most Sundays after the morning worship service, September through June.